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Top 52 blockchain papers and research team: lead you to the frontier of blockchain

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

During the past two years, the world has been paying high attention to cryptocurrencies (especially ICO). However, it is only a very small period of time for blockchain technology. The short-term wealth-making effect brought by cryptocurrencies has a great impact, but in the long run, it could be just a splash.

The downward trend of the market means that people are returning to rationality. At this time, listening to the voice of the academic community, and truly understanding the core of blockchain technological development become more important.

What are the top 52 global academic teams researching on?

For this reason, SV Insight Research combed through the most influential research results of the academic community recently and released a list of Top 52 Blockchain Papers and Scholars.

Behind the list are scholars from top universities around the world. The papers they published were either included in the world’s most influential scientific citation index (SCI) journals in 2018, or received the highest citations in the SCI system, or published at the world’s top conferences and received the highest citations.

30% of these scholars are from the United States, 28% from China, and 42% from other countries.

For example, a team from the University of Cambridge in the UK explored applications of blockchain technology related to the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), a team from Cornell University presented Solidus, a protocol for confidential transactions on public blockchains, a team from Guangzhou University of China constructed a new ID-based linear homomorphic signature scheme.

The areas covered by the research of these top academic teams are divided into the following categories:

The integration of blockchain technology and industries

Papers that discuss the integration of blockchain technology and industries account of 48% of all papers. Finance, energy, IOT, security, and healthcare are the most talked about industries that blockchain technology has been applied to.

Based on the challenges faced in these industries, scholars have explored the direction of application of blockchain technology and some of them proposed specific solutions. For example, the University of North Caroline published a paper named “How can Blockchain Strengthen the Internet of Things” which discusses how blockchain can improve the security of the Internet of Things; A team at Wuhan University of China proposed an App called Healthcare Data Gateway (HDG) architecture based on blockchain to enable patient to own, control and share their own data easily and securely.

Blockchain’s own technological evolution

On the other hand, some academic research teams focus on blockchain technology itself. For example, a team from National University of Singapore proposed a research framework called BlockBench, which measures overall and component-wise performance in terms of throughput, latency, scalability, and fault-tolerance.


Of course, there are also some brainstorming papers that explore the impact of blockchain technology from social and human perspectives.

For example, a researcher from Purdue University raised an idea of formulating thinking as a blockchain process and indicated that blockchain thinking could have benefits for both artificial intelligence and human enhancement and their potential integration.

Top expert teams behind the analysis

SV Insight Research has teamed up with the industry’s top experts to go through these academic journals and papers, form the list, and analyze the academic papers on the list.

This research aims at showcasing the focuses and highlights of the blockchain academic world in the past year, and to illustrate the trends behind it.

Our partners include the Conflux team lead by the Turing Award winner Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, the technology expert team in Ontology Research Institute, the blockchain research team in University of California, Berkeley, and the blockchain research team in the University of Toronto.

Research highlights: Academic and industry, do they go hand in hand or staggered?

Is the direction of academic research consistent with the direction of development in the industry? In various fields, is academic or industry leading the development?

SV Insight Research combines global start-up database to observe pioneer blockchain companies in the various fields and to analyze the direction of corporate focus.

SV Insight Research will publish the enterprise list and blockchain educational institutions list at a later stage, aiming at exploring the linkages among academic sector, industries, and education sector.

On January 11, 2019, the awards ceremony will be held at the Third Blockchain Connect Conference hosted by SV Insight. The conference will be at Marriott Marquis hotel in San Francisco, with more than 60 top global university professors and researchers, over 80 blockchain projects, more than 200 developers, and over 1500 blockchain professionals. Participants include UC Berkeley professor Dawn Song, Cornell University professor Elaine Shi, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Intel Blockchain Lab director Mic Bowman, CertiK co-founder Ronghui Gu, etc.

SV Insight hopes that by setting up and giving these two awards, the outstanding scholars and teams working hard in the blockchain industry will be recognized and affirmed by the industry, further promoting the development of the blockchain innovation ecosystem, facilitating the dialogue between industry, academia, and research, and promoting the healthy development of blockchain industry.

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