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SV Insight Raised 10 Million Yuan Series-A Funding, Brand Upgraded to Focus on EdTech and HealthTech

On March 20th, SV Insight announced that it has secured 10 million Yuan in a series A round of funding, with a valuation of 130 million Yuan. The investors include Huobi Capital and other funds. The SV Insight brand has been upgraded to become the first resource portal for understanding Silicon Valley, it has also become an industrial Internet service platform for connecting Silicon Valley expert resources with China’s health and education industry. At present, the company has accumulated more than 80 corporate customers including BAT (Chinese tech giants: Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent).

Founded in 2015, SV Insight was formerly a technology new media company. In the third quarter of 2018, the brand was fully upgraded from a single media role to a corporate service. Taking into account the company’s resources, and focusing on the two major industries of health and education, SV Insight platform will provide businesses with services including new media, industry research, corporate consulting, business events, and PR.

For example, if a company has the need for cloud technology, SV Insight platform can provide customized reports and research for the industry. The report would be completed jointly by the platform and experts, which can help the company to sort out the new application scenarios of the technology in the industry, the development trend of the industry in Silicon Valley, and the core issues of enterprise concern.

At present, SV Insight has multiple ongoing business cooperation with large companies such as BAT. For example, Tencent’s AI accelerator works with SV Insight at the brand level; Tencent’s QingTeng Entrepreneurship Camp enjoyed customized business tour organized by SV Insight; Tencent’s blockchain business unit has participated multiple times in SV Insight’s Blockchain Connect Conferences.

Paul Li, CEO of SV Insight, said that the reason for this transformation is the growing influence of the industrial Internet. “Technology application scenarios are constantly expanding. Emerging technologies can be applied not only between people and devices but also between devices. If we can say that, in the era of the consumer Internet, better connections and transactions have been formed between people and other people, and between people and businesses, then, in the era of the industrial Internet, more connections and transactions will be added between people and devices, and between devices.”

Paul Li said that the upgraded SV Insight has further clarified the goal of its next stage, that is, to be the “first link between industry and Silicon Valley resources”, so that international technology and resources can be truly connected.