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How was blockchain doing for the past year? Details revealed by data of over 5000 ICO projects

A Global Blockchain Insights Report has been published recently by SV Insight Research, which has consolidated and analyzed the data of 5,000 ICOs globally from June 1, 2017, to May 31, 2018.

In addition to the total number of financial events and amount, it also disclosed three analysis indicators designed by the research team to assess the macroscopic picture of blockchain industry: index of global ICO financing cycle, index of global ICO whitepaper sufficiency, and index of global ICO compliance level.

ICO: Asia vs North America

While Asia had more blockchain ICO events than North America, the total amount of financing by North America projects was more than 2 times that of Asia’s. In the recent blockchain report released by SV Insight Research, it is shown that despite ICO being banned in China, a lot of Chinese projects were registered in Singapore and Hong Kong.

So how are these Asian blockchain projects doing exactly?

The report shows that, from June 2017 to May 2018, Asia had 482 ICO events while North America only had 435 events.

How were the projects doing in terms of complying to KYC (Know Your Clients)? According to the report, Asia leads Europe and North America in terms of complying to KYC, with a higher portion of projects claiming to have conducted KYC.

In terms of whitepapers, Asian projects not only have the highest percentage of whitepapers (97.5%) but also the longest whitepapers, with an average of 34 pages for each project. However, the report indicates that having better KYC measures and more detailed whitepapers do not guarantee higher financing amount. North America projects have the simplest whitepapers but managed to raise a total of 7.85 billion USD, while Asian projects only raised 3.58 billion USD.

Blockchain Report by SV Insight

This report created by SV Insight Research is named Whitepaper of Blockchain Industrial trends in the U.S. and China. According to the team, this whitepaper consolidated and analyzed data of nearly 5,000 blockchain projects from several global blockchain and venture capital databases. It analyzed the changes in the number of global blockchain projects and financing amount from the second half of 2017 to the first half of 2018. A comparative analysis was conducted on three continents (Asia, North America, and Europe).

Application of blockchain in industries

It is shown that in terms of the application of blockchain in industries, US is lead by industrial leaders such as IBM, who has formed many alliances such as Batavia in financing, TradeLens in manufacturing, and others. At the same time, China’s blockchain application is lead by the government with major policy releases. Meanwhile, China’s internet company leaders BATJ have all taken actions in the blockchain. Alibaba is the enterprise with the highest number of patents in the blockchain financial sector.

Up to Aug 31, 2018, Bank of America has 53 patents, ranks top in the US, while Alibaba has 90 patterns. As for Tencent, it leveraged its own private banks and Weizhong Bank to build a blockchain application cooperation platform with other financial institutions. It also built a BaaS platform to provide services such as supply chain finance and Tencent micro-gold.

The report focused on the application of blockchain technology in the five major sectors of finance, healthcare, real estate, government services, and manufacturing. It also compared the similarities and differences between the US and China in terms of applying blockchain in industries. It is evident that certain China-specific pain-points have affected the angle of applying blockchain in traditional industries.

For example, food safety is a big concern in China, as a result, Walmart stores in China have launched pork traceability. In the past, it took on average 6 days, 18 hours and 26 minutes to track pork back to its farm using paper and phone, and now it takes only 2.2 seconds.

In terms of moving medical genetic data and health data on “chain”, China and U.S. are very different. Moving genetic data and health data on “chain” is a major trend in the U.S. medical blockchain companies, which is driven by frequent leaks of health data in the States in the past 8 years. In comparison, China is almost blank in terms of moving genetic data on “chain”.

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There’re a lot of trends to follow as the crypto market is changing dynamically. SV Insight Research will continue to focus on the data and dynamics of the blockchain industry and update the latest findings on our blog.